You won't find any fancy show goats around here, just some hard working ladies like us. There are currently 13 Milking Ladies at This Little Farm. 
Each has their own personality and story.

But first a word about their ears!

The LaMancha (my breed of goat) is a type of dairy goat noted for its apparent lack of, or much reduced, external ears. The LaMancha goat is medium in size, and is also noted for a generally calm, quiet, and gentle temperament.  Through official testing this breed has established itself in milk production with high butterfat.

The LaMancha goat was developed in the 1930s in Oregon by Eula F. Frey when she crossed some short-eared goats believed to have Spanish blood in them with her outstanding Swiss and Nubian Bucks. The LaMancha has excellent dairy temperament, and is an all-around sturdy animal that can withstand a great deal of hardship and still produce.

Herd Queen 

Chrystal is a LaMancha who comes from a farm near Abilene, KS.  She's got a great laid back personality with humans, but is all business with the other goats.  Chrystal is "Herd Queen".  Every herd has one and it is a very important role.

Being Herd Queen comes a lot of perks as well as a lot of responsibilities.  Herd Queen gets all the best food, the best sleeping spot, and is first in everything.  But, that comes through force, so she has to constantly assert herself with the other ladies.

Herd Queen responsibilities include monitoring disputes between other ladies and defending the herd against threats.  She's the boss and everybody knows it.

is a sweet rescue girl who came from a terrible situation where she had little to eat and was in very poor health.  Her rescue family nursed her back to health and she came to live on This Little Farm in 2012. 

We believe Pixie is a Saanen, Lamancha cross.  She only weighs 125 lbs and is a very sweet girl.  Pixie is also naturally polled, which mean that she carries a "no horns" gene which she happily passes down to her babies!

Even though Pixie is one of my smallest and least fancy goats, she is one of the biggest milkers!  She often wins the prize for giving the most milk.  (It's just a little barn honor, but I'm pretty proud of her none-the-less)


Carolyn is a Saanen (saw - nin).  Saanens are the Holsteins of the goat dairy world as they are know to be big producers.  She's on her second freshening (meaning she has been a momma twice already) and is a very good mother.  She's sweet and very dignified, as you can see by her glamour shot!

Monica is a funny girl who will be one of the first ones to greet you at the fence.  She is very, very sweet on the milking stand and always wants hugs and kisses after milking to get her day off to a good start!

This Year's First Fresheners AKA, Team A-Cup!
A First Freshener is a goat that has had a baby for the first time.  Farmers "freshen" a goat by breeding her, which starts a FRESH lactation cycle.

Audra has only been here two years.  She is an Alpine and I think she is sooo pretty.  She has very good manners and is sweet to all the rest of the goats (but that's another topic).

Sally is an Alpine/LaMancha cross.  I think their ears are so cute - kind of like little chicken wings!  She has been here less than a year and has fit in quite well.

Olivia is another sweet little LaMancha who keeps to herself and tries to stay away from the mean girls as much as she can.  She had a very nice baby girl last year named Pamela that is still on "Team A Cup" but will be in the barn milking next year.

TeCoa is a First Freshener and coming along really well.  She's the only First Freshener of 2017.


Penny is a quiet little thing who is a 2d Freshener this year.  She's a good mommy and has lots of milk for her babies.

KitKat is a beautiful, very correct, LaMancha.  She's one of the older ladies here at This Little Farm.  You'll often find her laying by herself in the pasture, unconcerned, and enjoying the day.

The Retired Pen

Heidi is an Alpine and just the sweetest girl ever.  Don't tell the others, but I think she is my favorite goat.

Team "A" Cup
From Left to Right, Pamela, Brigida, and Jewel
They were all born in 2016 and will become milking ladies in 2018 (If they aren't tooo spoiled)



Gunny is a wether (which means he has been neutered).  I got Gunny about six years ago when I drove to Oklahoma to save him and some of his herd mates who were going to the "Sale Barn" the next day.  He's quite a character but a real pain in my butt.  Gunny never saw a fence he couldn't jump over to get into something fun or yummy.

In loving memory of Elizabeth.